Saturday, April 08, 2006

No Regrets

All decisions have pros and cons. We all struggle through them to make the best decision. In the case of one's life, it is even harder. Jobs, cities, kids, spouse, family, friends--all weigh heavily on the decision.

The fact is I miss my family and friends in MS dearly. I still get text messages from the owner of my favorite bar (I dubbed "Cheers") telling me the nightly specials and entertainment. It just kills me to know I can't go.

However, the reality is that I DID make the right choice. After just two short weeks, I've made some great acquaintenceships at work and went out for beers yesterday. Work is going so well so far, too. I'm trying to meet folks around town, but I'm still in temp housing---but that will change soon, too!

I can say now that I have no regrets. I miss my past but my future's so bright...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Word Verifier: The Gathering

Week 26: "What would you do if I sang out of tune?"

First time visitors: The rules are simple. Go into my comments section, read your verification word and be creative. Each week I'll give just a bit of direction for the topic.


Ready? GO!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

NJ sucks

I took a little venture out east yesterday. I noticed something I thought I'd share. The road leading into New Jersey is wide open. To get out, however, you have to pay! THAT'S how bad NJ sucks...that people are willing to PAY to get out!

I also was thinking about some stuff on the road. I was listening to the comedy station on my satellite radio and there were a couple of comedians who mentioned getting caught masturbating. I started to think back. I was NEVER caught by my parents. Now, I did have to explain myself when their back bedroom TV was unplugged once. That was because I found their little porno movie and was watching IT instead of babysitting my little sister. That's the closest I came to getting caught. I never got caught even making out on the couch.

I'm sure mom wondered about all the stains on my bed sheets, though.

Enjoy the weekend, gang!