Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mon Chateau

Well, it is a nice house. 3 bed, 2.5 bath. All told, 4 stories--three above ground and a SUPER basement. No pictures--no is in storage with the rest of my crap. The kitchen is fine. Not the best part of the house (that'd be the basement), but FAR from the worst (that'd be the roof). Hopefully they will get that fixed before I move in later next month.

I guess you could say I'm "back" but I'm really not. I'm still in temp housing and on a public computer in the 'business center' at the appt complex. It sucks and is not as much fun as surfing the web from your own home. BUT, it is better than nothing, so I guess I'll be thankful.

I'm glad my comment box wasn't full of hate mail for the lack of Word Verifier: The Gathering. Then again, I guess that means no one even noticed it was missing. You all suck revolvers...not mine cuz I just polished it.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Settling In

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
    - Thoreau

I think that's quite fitting for me.

I'm settled in my temporary apartment while I close on my house. Two days done at work--LOTS of paperwork so far. Lots of meeting new people and getting up to speed. However, I can tell from only two brief days that I definitely made the right choice. I'm going to be SO much happier at this job.

Next goal: meet new people!

Goal #3: Get caught up on Blogging!

Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts, gang!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Home Sweet Home

It is so nice to be back in my own bed.

That said, it will be even better when my own bed is moved into my own house!

The househunting was a success and I found a great new home for a steal of a price. I have only two days until the movers come and I still feel like I have a TON to do. I'll lose my PC Thursday. I may have some limited access here and there to leave some comments. The time off will do me good. I've got some stuff on my mind I would like to develop into meaningful blog posts. I know there are a lot of blog readers out there who just hate it when you are self-absorbed.

Things to come:

1. Low-carb menus for kids (at IHOP?).
2. Idiotic law suits (it is YOUR fault you're fat!).
3. More fads I hope die in the second half of 2006.

In the mean time, start saving pennies and dimes for a housewarming party in May!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Word Verifier: The Gathering

Week 25: The North and The South

First time visitors: The rules are simple. Go into my comments section, read your verification word and be creative. Each week I'll give just a bit of direction for the topic.


Ready? GO!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

World Baseball Classic

I've really enjoyed watching the WBC this year. It is the inaugural year for the WBC. 16 teams started. We're down to 8. I must say, however, I'm very excited to watch the Latinos and Caribbean teams! Their round 2 is in San Juan. The Puerto Rican fans are NUTZ! These guys (Puerto Rico, Japan, Dominican, Cuba, Venezuela) are acting like this is the World Series! The US? Just another Spring game. It is the same in soccer...all these other countries are so excited to a point of violence sometimes and the US? Eh. We're torn between Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey. I think the best thing for the WBC would be for the US to lose. Show us that we need to put more into it when it comes back around in 2009. I'm rooting for U.S., but we'll see!

In other news: I'll be in PA househunting this week. I'll do my best to try to find a PC and throw up the WV:TG on Thursday. Brad, I'm counting on you to spread the word and get us some good comments as well as keeping an eye on the Hideout this week.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Still here, Still Monday

So, not having to go in to work doesn't make Monday's suck much less. I sit here at home. It is raining. I don't leave for PA until tomorrow. I can't get my car into the shop until next week. I feel inundated.

On the bright side, it's 11:30, I'm still in my underwear and I don't have to answer to anyone. I get to chat online to my hearts content (with my three favorite blogger budies woot).

Have fun at work!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I don't wanna work

I want bang on the blog all day.


I went from rarely posting on weekends to wanting to spend my whole day on here. I suppose I could be more creative and spend some time commenting on y'all yous-guys' sites.


Technically, right now, I'm unemployed. That was the loneliest walk through the parking lot yesterday.

Just like the refreshing rain in Arizona there is a fresh beginning awaiting me.

I remember long ago when I was young and immature. I used to get insecure that no one would like me, so I would try to find ways to look cool and important. I can't believe how far I've come. I have a great job (ahead of me), tons of friends all over the world. A family that loves me. Someday, I'll find Miss Right and we'll have a great family of our own. I can't believe that I used to actually pick on the younger kids. I can't believe that I used to try to fill the empty void in my life by finding others weaker than me to pick on. How immature? What a cop-out. When someone was better than me at something and I was jealous I would lash out at helpless people to make myself feel better. Now? Now I have the confidence to know that no matter what, no matter how bad life gets, I will survive. I will come out on top. I may not be the smartest web-master in the world. I may not have the power to hack into a government site. But I do know how to make a kickin' website for myself and my interests. I may not be the best engineer. I may not know all the inner workings of an integrated circuit. But I know why a cable-stayed bridge is better than a suspension. I know how to calculate the tensile force in a truss member. I can calculate the thermal load of a heat sink attached to a microprocessor. I can calculate the wind resistance of any object. I have implemented millions of dollars of cost-saving ideas on medical device manufacturing equipment. I can write ladder-logic to control automation machines. I can program a robot. I may not be able to build a house, but I've build a solid-oak night stand. I've carved a bear out of a single block of wood with no pattern.

Call me what you want, say what you me fat, say I'm ugly, call me a pussy, talk bad about me behind my back, throw stones at my house, key my car, slash my tires..

I don't give a rats ass about you or your insecurities.

I've got a GREAT life goin for me, I'm living it the best I can and I'm proud of who I am.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Last Day

Today is my last day at my job.

I'm sad, excited, nervous, and relieved. I still have no idea where to live when I get up to PA. I have two weeks to find something. I'll be up there the better part of next week looking. I'm pre-approved for a home loan. I've got the movers set up to get started. I've cleaned out my office and have started cleaning the house.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Word Verifier: The Gathering

Week 24: You might as well face it, you're addicted to spuds

First time visitors: The rules are simple. Go into my comments section, read your verification word and be creative. Each week I'll give just a bit of direction for the topic.


Ready? GO!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Prize Patrol!

Since LadyK was the only one who actually landed on the correct posts (69, 96, 100) during a recent episode of "Word Verifier: The Gathering" She gets the best prize:


Since I'm a nice guy, I decided to get LOTS of presents for everyone!



The redhead is mine, but you can have the puppet.




That's all I had money for (Birdy's cost the most I think), so if I missed you, next time post more comments!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Worst Case of the Mondays

It's my last Monday at my current job. Could I be less excited?

The answer is no.

Everyone wants one more piece of me before I leave. "Organize all your prjoects so we don't lose anything after you go." "Train everyone on how to run this machine. We need every single detail. I've scheduled 3 four-hour blocks. Is that OK?" "Can I have your entire bar-coding file?"

Let's not forget tennis. Someone's gotta take this team over and make sure we get all our matches played.

I just want a nap. And hasbrowns--cooked MY way...BROWN, not hash-lukewarms or hash browned on just one bit.

Wanna go to Chotchkie's, get some coffee?

It's a little early...

I gotta get out of here. I think I'm gonna lose it.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Fine, swear if you want to

I'm so dissappointed at the turnout at yesterdays Word Verifier: The Gathering. I blame El Nino.

I'm down to 6 days left here at work. I'm scheduling my first househunting trip. I'm nervous about all that. I have NO clue where to start looking. I know what town I'd like to live in, but other than that I'm lost.

I am, however, officially excited about starting my new job. Lots of the guys at work down here are trying to give me crap about how much colder its gonna be how much traffic and stuff trying to psyche me out. I'm determined, however, to prove them all wrong.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Word Verifier: The Gathering

Week 23: PG-13

First time visitors: The rules are simple. Go into my comments section, read your verification word and be creative. Each week I'll give just a bit of direction for the topic.

No swear words allowed this week. All comments containg swear words will be deleted.


Ready? GO!


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You can take the Hitman out of the South

Well, it is official now--I'm moving to PA! I've been given a new opportunity to try something completely new and exciting. I'll be getting out of the South and into the Snow Country (what's a snow tire?). I should be starting later this month. I'll be at my current job for another week and a half so I'll be blogging for sure until then. After that, it will be hit or miss. Anyone in that part of the country want a roommate?

On another note, today is Ash Wednesday. You know how we Italians take our Catholocism seriously. AW marks the begining of Lent--the 40 days before Easter representing Jesus time in the woods fasting while preparing to die. It is customary to make a sacrifice in rememberence of Him. This Lent I'm watching my potty mouth. No cussing for 40 days....dangit, shucky-darn! Hopefully this will help me tone it down a bit in my everyday life beyond Easter and make me a better person. I also am going to resolve to start attending Mass again. God has blessed me with a new opportunity and I need to show my respect.

Have a happy day, y'all yous guys!